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Can Julley is located in the beautiful town of Taüll at an altitude of 1,500 meters at the gates of the Aigüestortes National Park.
From here you can enjoy the nature and practice different sports, both in winter and summer, as well as visit the villages of the valley and the Romanesque art of their churches and enjoy the hot springs of Caldes de Boí.

Can Julley is located in the center of the town of Taüll, 5 minutes walk from the Romanesque Church of Santa María and its main square.
In the town, you can visit its 2 Romanesque churches, enjoy a good range of restaurants, go for an aperitif at the “Bar de la Plaça”, shop at the small supermarket, and rent your ski equipment in winter.

Can Julley Taull Map

Aigüestortes National Park

It is the only national park in Catalonia. With peaks that exceed 3000 meters of altitude, we are in a high-mountain landscape with great fauna and vegetation. The water – with its rivers, ravines, waterfalls, swamps and almost 200 lakes – is the protagonist of the park.


In Taüll, we are at the gates of the Aigüestortes National Park. It can be accessed through the Plateau of Aigüestortes, a flat area of woods and meadows, or through Cavallers, a rockier and more rugged landscape, passing through Caldes de Boí.

The park can be discovered hiking, mountaineering, climbing or using snow rackets during the winter season.

Detailed information

The National Park’s official website and social media
We highly recommend you to gather information on the National Park’s official website where you can find maps, routes and practical information or by going to one of the nearest information centers (Boí, Parking La Molina, Parking Caldes de Boí).

The National Park’s Wikiloc for routes and hikes.
Their Instagram for inspiration and activities.

The Vall de Boí website
You will also find routes and information about activities on the official website of the Vall de Boí. (in English) You can also contact them if you need a guide or specific activities.

Their Instagram for all news and activities.

Summer Sports

The Bohí valley provides a cool and incredible environment to practice sports in the summer season, such as rafting, canyoning, climbing and mountain biking routes with different places where you can rent electric bicycles.

A service station for bicycles in the center of Taüll

The Valley of Boí is prepared to receive cyclists. In addition to a multitude of marked routes, it also has a self-service station in the center of Taüll.

Taull Estacion de servicio bicicletas

Winter sports

The Boi-Taüll ski slopes are less than 10 minutes away by car.
You can also practice snow rackets or ski mountaineering near the slopes.

The ski slopes of Boí-Taüll

Thanks to its privileged location facing north, the resort guarantees excellent quality of snow.

With the highest slopes in the Pyrenees (maximum height of 2,751 m and minimum height of 2,035 m), the station offers a ski area of 550 ha. with more than 45 kilometers of ski slopes. It has 42 ski slopes, 4 ski mountaineering routes and an exclusive toboggan run.

Consult the map of the ski slopes here.
On their website you will find more information and you can also buy the Ski Pass.


The gastronomy of the Valley of Boí is based on local and natural products. For example, you can enjoy dishes made from potatoes, vegetables, lamb, pork, veal, mushrooms, river trout…

Check the Vall de Boí website for a complete list of restaurants

In the town of Taüll you can find different types of restaurants. In high season, make sure you book. In low season, they are usually only open for the weekend. There are options for all budgets and tastes. El Caliú, for example, is famous for being high-end, while the location and the Mallador garden offer you a bucolic setting. Below we share our favorites.

Our selection in Taull

La Fonda

Our favorite restaurant in Taüll for its cozy atmosphere and its simple dishes made from quality products.

Av Les Feixes, 2, 25528 Taüll
Tel: 671 90 83 42

Tribulosi Brewery

It has a long menu of beers and typical mountain dishes such as fondue or raclette. Validated by Cat, as a good Belgian and a fan of cheese. If you don’t know which beer to order, she recommends trying the Val Dieu and the Triple Karmeliet. Of course, leave the car at home.

L-501, Km 3.800, 25528 Taüll
Tel: 685 60 05 20

The Romanesque ensemble of the Valley of Boí

There are 8 churches and a hermitage and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
One of its main characteristics is the unity of the architectural style. They were built during the 11th and 12th centuries following models from northern Italy, the Lombard Romanesque, which is characterised by the functionality of its constructions, the careful work of the stone, the thin bell towers, and the exterior decorations of rounded arcades and pilaster strips.

Practical information

Download the schedules and prices to visit the different Churches. Check the Vall de Boí website for the schedules of the guided tours.

The Falles

Know as “The Summer Solstice Fire Fest in the Pyrenees: Fallas, Haros and Brandons” this tradition is worldwide recognize.

In the rural world, popular festivals are closely linked to agricultural and solar cycles. Lighting fire, symbol of the sun, and carrying it from the mountain to the village is a way of purifying the fields and forests, but also of protecting the population and preserving it from evil spirits.

Each village in the valley celebrates them on a different day, don’t miss them!!!
16 June: Durró
23 June: Boí / El Pont de Suert /Vilaller
24 June: Senet
2 July: Barruera
8 July: Erill La Vall
14 July: Taüll
21 July: Pla de la Ermita
22 July: Llesp

Hot Springs

The Caldes de Boí Spa, located at an altitude of 1,470 metres, has 37 mineral-medicinal water sources of various compositions and temperatures.
The composition of the waters, the vapors from the natural stoves and the properties of the sludge produced in the spa are indicated for all kinds of treatments.

Discover all the information in the Spa website.

Are you ready to book your next holiday at the Valley of Bohí?

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